Title: War Theater After-party

Caption: The puns offer a bit of play here. But, of course in the context of war, “theater” is generally not thought of as a dark hushed refuge of a huge movie auditorium where just outside the door, candy, popcorn and soft drinks are sold at highly inflated prices. At the same time both are about events and actions that would follow a narrative, theater as entertainment option would not normally involve actual maneuvers of life and death significance. But clearly, it is not so clear what we mean by war in the 21st century. Drone warfare might require lights and props to remind the operators quite what they are doing. And does the “after-party” have a slightly different meaning? There probably still exists a nightclub in Ho Chi Minh City called Apocalypse Now Bar, described as good for an “after-party,” whatever that may mean in any given situation. The point is today, it may be hard to see through hype or legend. Party lights, toy soldiers, the eerie sparkle and glimmer of shiny imagery in variably focused layers cluttered my imagination. 

Digital-Collage Print.See print size/price options below. All prints are printed on high-quality photo paper. All framed prints shall include: Wood frame in chosen color; Glazed with 85% UV-protected acrylic; Floated with spacer; Ready-to-hang hardware; Foam board backing; Securely packed or crated for safe worldwide shipping.  All Signed-Limited Prints will include a Certificate of Authenticity with Stephanie’s signature and edition number. Print Edition maximums are as follows: Unframed: 1,000; Small Framed: 100; Medium Framed: 50; Large Framed: 10.
70-Piece High-Quality Traditional Jigsaw Puzzle. 18"x24" (457mm×610mm); Centered horizontal or vertical design; Laminated cardboard with a glossy finish; Black background color if rectangle; Image Cardboard Box packaging.

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